We believe truly revitalizing and diversified music comes from the creativity given by God .

We believe the Bible can become an inspiration for the best films the world has ever seen.

We believe the Bible can become an inspiration for the best video games ever produced.

We believe the Bible to be scientifically correct.

We believe the Bible to be historically correct.

We believe strong economies and prosperous nations are a reality when Biblical principles are applied to business.

We believe the more Christian websites there are on the internet, the more positivity.


We would like to promote your Christian music. If you are doing music for Jesus, rather than to be accepted by the "mainstream" (whatever that is); and if you are not afraid to sound different from every other band on Christian radio, we like you. At this time we are accepting music videos from Christian artists who do unique music.


We'd love to promote your Christian film. If you are a Christian film maker who is doing this for Jesus, rather then following what is considered good film by Hollywood, and aware that you will be asked by God what you teach in your films, we like you. At this time, we are accepting Christian film trailers.

Video games

There are not many of them. But we'd love to help out anybody brave enough to undertake a financially impossible task of producing a Christian video game. At this time we are accepting video trailers of Christian video games.


Do you have a passion for teaching Christian history? Join us as a writer or give us a feed url to your website.


Are you convinced that what made great scientists really great, is that they were both scientists and Christian? Are you crazy enough to believe what the Bible says, even if science hasn't caught up to something yet? Join us as a writer, or provide us with a feed url for your site.


We are proud of all the brave souls who went through all the emotional, physical, and financial strain to start a business. We run a Christian pay-per-click service to advertise your business to Christian websites. We'll add your business to our search engine and directory. But it's not about getting paid for clicks to your site. We'd like to build relationships with Christian business. We want to build consumer trust in your business. We want to see the rise of huge corporations which are Christian.


Everyone can create a website these days. But you won't be able to make it successful alone. That's why we started our own search engine, and a Website branch of our company. The more Christian sites there are on the internet, the more positivity. If you would like to become our site partner, let us know. If we see that your site shows that the Bible is supreme authority in your life, we'll promote it heavily. Our ad network publishers get free ads, free search engine submission, free directory listing, and get paid per click for ads.


Christian = a follower of Jesus Christ putting the Bible as their supreme authority

God's Kingdom = a body of Christians spanning many different nations and denominations who recognize the Bible as the supreme authority of their lives. Often we err under the influence of the secular pop-culture, political correctness, and doctrinal errors of the leaders of our denominations. That's why we have to renew our minds with the Bible every day to not get lost.