This is a very soothing game. I actually enjoyed playing it. You explore an interesting 3D world, solving different puzzles. The puzzles are not difficult, and the flow off the game is pretty straightforward. You wouldn't be stuck on a puzzle or in a place from which you wouldn't know where to go. You don't have to kill anybody or fight anybody. And there aren't that many chances of getting killed. Even if you are careless and get smashed by rotating hammers, you recover fast and get back right into the game.

The plot of the game goes something like this:

You (Adam) and two other archaeologists get left of near the location of the intersection of four rivers, where the garden of Eden may have been. Crawling through caves and all sorts of underground formations, you are trying to find that garden.

Controls are pretty simple, the arrow keys, and then the Enter and space bar for various actions, depending on the surroundings.

The game is designed for Windows PCs. It does require a PC of a certain power level. Not every laptop will play this game,