The DJ's Disciple

Eciverate - Lonestar

Jake Harrison - Never Go Back

Bryson Price - New Heaven Vol 2 Mix

FirstLast - Get My Blessing

Get Loose - Phocust & Kevin Aleksander

GodSon KingDavid - Every Breath I Take

Evan and Eris - Die Daily (dsbts Bootleg)

Vezzel - Dream

Ray K - Worth It All feat. Matthew Tuck

1K Phew - We Did It feat. WHATUPRG (Jake Harrison Remix)

No Way Down - (ft. J Phish and Eric Heron)(FirstLast Remix)

Apostle Records Upcoming Releases June - July

Bryson Price - Let Your Kingdom Come (feat. Princeton Marcellis)

GodSon KingDavid - Forever

WHOISCHILL - Dreamers Nightmares

God's Warrior - Access To Him

Myki - Bring the Noise

Bryson Price - Endurance

Matthew Parker - Find Ü (Cuprous Remix)

Isadora Pompeo - Como Nunca Antes (Matias Ruiz Bootleg)

Chaos Surrendered and Melanie Covert - Remind Me

Xael - Conflict

Vezzel - Light

Jeremy James Witaker - Promise Me

Jeremy James Witaker - Tell Me This Is real

Alter Call - Your Love Is Enough

Ace Aura - Flow (Apostle Records)

Everen Maxwell - 360 (Apostle Records)

BRYSON PRICE - Set Me Free feat. Jacob Castro [His Creation Records Exclusive]

Solomon Storts - Duality

God's Warrior's Best Dubstep Promo Mix

JSteph - Reach Out Feat. Dawson Lanes

Phocust - Babylon Skanka

Vezzel - Above


Cuprous - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Bryson Price: New Heaven 20 Min Mix

Apostle Records Genre Introduction

Jeremy James Whitaker - Turmoil

Solomon Storts - The Bells

BRYSON PRICE - Witchcraft feat. Matt Chandler of The Village Church

Xael - Heart

Twilight Meadow - The Worlds We Discovered (BYG86 Remix)

Apostle Records ?

Matthew Parker - "All I'm After"

Matthew Parker - Breathe

Glory (Ray K Remix)

Rapirela - Let It Out

Zuin - Liberation