December 2019, there was a typical flu outbreak in China. Flus come every year. Some bad flus came in the recent years, but they were successfully localized before spreading globally. As the CDC was watching this flu though, they warned the world, "Let's hope everything's going to be ok, but let's be prepared for a pandemic". A few days later, the pandemic was officially declared.

Planet Earth sank into fear.

Every news channel got overtaken with COVID-19. The CDC issued an order for everyone to stay home, so we could slow the spread of the disease. Governments started shutting down their countries one by one. It's like the entire civilization stopped. That was unprecedented.

We were instructed to stay home to avoid the disease. And yet, when the city of New York did a study of how their residents who got sick ended up been sick, they concluded that 83% of those infected stayed home. They weren't people who used public transportation, went to work, to parks, or did other unsafe things. Surprisingly, these people did everything right, but still got sick.

When it comes to our western world, we haven't really been challenged since the end of WWII. It was like a rip in the fabric of time and space, when life was unrealistically good. Previous generations had to deal with pestilences, and wars, and famines, and poverty. We had it good like it shouldn't be on Earth.

And we became rather confident and sure of ourselves. We thought we own the universe. We could restore a city wrecked by an earthquake within like a year. If there's a drought in one place, we could buy goods from a different place. If we became poor, we could ask for money from the government. Our advancements in medicine and technology and knowledge were unheard of by previous generations.

But when this disease came, we realized we're not as powerful as we used to think. With all our advancements in healthcare, we realized that we're as powerless before a flu just like any other generation before us. We know how to make vaccines now, but it turns out a vaccine still takes our smartest biologists 6 months to 2 years to develop. During which time, hundreds of millions of people could die.

There are all sorts of conspiracy theories floating around. About how the Chinese government, or the European government, or the American government, or the secret government behind all those governments, engineered a virus, or the pandemic, to control us. But governments are as powerless before this virus as any one of us, let alone been able to control it.

We used to think we are gods. It became politically incorrect to talk about God in the public space, because we didn't want to offend anybody's beliefs about what god is. But now it's ok. Now it's ok for store employees to pray for their customers. Because we realized that we still need God.

So what do you do when a pandemic strikes? You do what you would need to do in any life's circumstance, good or bad. You kneel before the Creator of the Heaven and Earth, and ask for help. You ask for forgiveness for your sins, for your arrogance. You humble yourself before the God who brings pandemics and takes them away.

You could try thinking positive. That we are strong. That we will get through this. That no disease can stop us. But there are times when even psychology doesn't help. When you have to deal with real financial troubles, and real disease, and real deaths, you can't just brush it off like everything's going to be ok.

You need to turn to someone higher than yourself who still has this world under control. And has your life under control. Pray not just so this pandemic goes away. Because God has good reasons why He allows anything to happen, and He will remove it in His time. And because you could die through a million other ways besides this flu. But pray so God helps you to get through this period. And take this time to reflect on your life, on your relationship with God, and towards things in your life, and make neccessary changes.

If you need somebody to pray with or talk to, you could let us know through this page.

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