Even Goldilocks planets need a well-behaved star

There are about 4000 planets that have been so far discovered around other stars in the universe. Some of them even have the right distance to size

Resident bacteria help protect plants from infections

Plants get sick just like people do. So pesticides were developed to protect plants from diseases. It turns out, nature has it's own way of hel

Exosomes - not just the garbage cans of the cell

Exosomes are tiny, spherical packages of information that cells exchange with each other to communicate. Tiny, but not small. Information inside of

The miraculous technology of the seed

These are two apple seeds, and I'm ready to plant them on my property. To think that such a small seed can grow a huge tree that will in turn g

What is the purpose of the Moon?

According to Genesis 1:14, God created the Moon and the Sun for signs, seasons, days, and years. So the Moon helps us divide our years into months.

Researchers observe scaffold building proteins that stop DNA damage

Every day, the cells in our body divide millions of times to renew themselves. Each time, the copying has to be compeleted with extreme percision.

Where did the rainbow come from?

Rainbow is a representation of the visible light spectrum. It requires rain and Sun to be seen. Visible light coming from the Sun, co