Put on glasses and gloves for protection. Working with lead acid batteries always poses a risk of damage to cars and injury to people.

Turn off all car accessories that take energy, i.e. AC, radio, lights, etc.

Take a set of jumper cables and place a donor car close enough to your car for the cables to reach.

Jumper cables have red and black clamps for positive and negative terminals. Red is positive, black is negative.

Connect cables to (+) battery terminal on your car, then (+) on donor car, then (-) on donor car, than ground on your car. Ground is any metal unpainted spot under the hood. A lot of times these will look like bolts sticking out.

While you are doing this, DO NOT let any cable connectors touch each other or touch the wrong terminals or metal to prevent a short-circuit (electrical distruction of the car components).

Start the donor car.

Start your car.

Remove cables in the reverse order, ground of your car, (-) of donor car, (+) of donor car, (+) of your car.