The correct answer is no it is not acceptable. And yet we all do it.

It is natural for us to read only parts we like. And yet, the Bible is there to correct the things we don’t like.

When opening the Bible, we should make every effort to put aside all our prejudices, all our ideas, ideas we hear from other people, and let it soak us with its truths. Picking out only parts we like will do us no good. That is also the reason why there are so many denominations. When people cut out only certain passages, they create a new religion. And lies are usually not complete opposites of truth. Usually, lies are just small deviations from truth.


It’s really hard to keep an open mind when reading the Bible. So often we are blinded by what other people have told us and our own desires, that we are incapable of receiving what the Bible is trying to tell us, even when we read it daily. That is why it’s important to pray before you read the Bible, so the Holy Spirit would open it to you and show you what you need to hear.

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