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  • Our Sun

    Our sun is a yellow dwarf star, a hot sphere of burning gases. It is 27 million degrees F. at the core. Composed of 71%

  • Fossilized vocal organ may shed light

    You have probably heard how a dinosaur should sound from one of the movies you have watched. But in reality, we really

  • Basking Shark

    The basking shark is the second biggest shark species after the whale shark. But it's teeth are tiny. It feeds by sc

  • Yard Birds - Anna's Hummingbird

    Anna's Hummingbird (Calypte anna) is a permanent resident from northern Baja California to Vancouver, British Columb

  • A Gargoyle Shark: The Goblin

    The Goblin Shark is a rare creature of the deep. It has a long flat snout lined with sense organs that detect electrical

  • The Vanishing Angel Shark

    The Angel Shark (also known as the Monkfish) was once common in coastal areas of the northeastern Atlantic and Mediterra

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