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  • Who were Phoenicians?

    Phoenicians were people of eastern Mediterranean, occupying the region of modern-day Israel, Syria, and Lebanon, before Israelites settled i

  • Rise and fall of Assyria

    The kingdom of Assyria existed in the Mesopotamian region as early as 2000 B.C. During the tenth century B.C., they began expanding their te

  • Mycenaean civilization from eastern Gr

    Mycenaeans began their history on the Plain of Argos in eastern Greece. When their civilization in Greece collapsed, they conquered the isla

  • Minoan civilization on the island of C

    The name Minoan comes after a legendary king Minos, who supposedly founded their civilization. The Minoans became rich through trade. They u

  • The Hittites one of the Canaanite nati

    The Hittites were one of the descending nations from Canaan, son of Ham. They were one of the seven powerful groups the young nation of Isra

  • Nabuchadrezzar II and the rise of the

    Egypt has been an undefeated power for many centuries. But in 7th century B.C., another power gained so much momentum, not even Egypt could