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  • Is Genesis based on ancient religious

    Here are some differences between the ancient religious writings and Genesis, which hopefully answers the question whether Bible copied from

  • Helena, mother of emperor Constatine,

    Empress Helena, pioneered legalization of Christianity in the Roman empire, visited and restored holy places in Jerusalem, had a city named

  • Who were Phoenicians?

    Phoenicians were people of eastern Mediterranean, occupying the region of modern-day Israel, Syria, and Lebanon, before Israelites settled i

  • Rise and fall of Assyria

    The kingdom of Assyria existed in the Mesopotamian region as early as 2000 B.C. During the tenth century B.C., they began expanding their te

  • Mycenaean civilization from eastern Gr

    Mycenaeans began their history on the Plain of Argos in eastern Greece. When their civilization in Greece collapsed, they conquered the isla

  • Minoan civilization on the island of C

    The name Minoan comes after a legendary king Minos, who supposedly founded their civilization. The Minoans became rich through trade. They u