Christian Affiliate Program

Thanks for stopping by to express your interest in the IntelliChristian! affiliate program.

Why join our program

We created this affiliate program because after running websites of our own, we realized there's really no way to monetize Christian websites.

Would you like to add more value to your site and earn at the same time?

Our store carries brand name products that people use every day.

By participating in the program, you don't just earn money to pay for your site hosting, but help in creating an online community we all wish existed since the invention of the internet.

How much can I expect to earn?

It depends on the profit margin of the products and services sold. Your commission may be between a couple bucks and up to $80 per sale.

About the ads

No special coding knowledge required. Just copy and paste a one line piece of code into any spot on your website and you're ready to display ads.

Our ads consist of just text with no images, allowing for a non-intrusive experience for the visitors of your website. This also allows ads to load very quickly so your content has time to load.

Paste the ad code on any of your websites, social networking profiles, or other web properties you own. No need to apply for a different code for every property.

The ad code is mobile friendly, so it will adjust automatically based on the screen of the website visitor.

Ready to try it out?

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