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Latest from Science

Firefall by Moonligh


On certain dates in February, an elusive firefall can be spotted at sunset in Yosemite National Park, when the weather c

Even Goldilocks plan


There are about 4000 planets that have been so far discovered around other stars in the universe. Some of them even have

Resident bacteria he


Plants get sick just like people do. So pesticides were developed to protect plants from diseases. It turns out, nature

Maple Tree

Acer /ˈeɪsər/ is a genus of trees and shrubs commonly known as maple. The genus is placed in the family Sapindaceae.

Latest from History

History: Facts or Na

An oft repeated statement(s) pertaining to History states something to the effect of: “If you do not know History,

Why Sodom and Gomorr

About the life of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, from Genesis and other ancient texts

The Inca Empire - their form of society, religion, and economy

Is Genesis based on ancient religious texts?

Helena, mother of emperor Constatine, biography

Who were Phoenicians?

Rise and fall of Assyria

Latest from Film

Rusty Reynolds: a da

"Rusty and Howard skip school, getting into all sorts of shenanigans. They learn, during this fun-filled race, the

Sybil Ludington Film

Sybil Ludington was 16 years old as she courageously rode 40 miles to save New York during the Revolutionary War.

Two Hats Film Trailer

The Ultimate Gift

The Last Sin Eater

Second Chances Film Trailer

Faith Like Potatoes Christian Film Trailer

Love's Unending Legacy Film Trailer


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