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Cross Nation - Christian EDM

Nasturtia - Waterfalls (ft. Caleb

Marhsall Marshall - I Hear Your Ca

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Standing On The Promises Feat Alan

Creation Moments

Ants And Their Livestock | Creatio

Amazing Winter Moths | Today's

A Dangerous Wonder | Creation Mome

Opthalmosaurus: Pie Eyed Problems


Firefall by Moonligh


On certain dates in February, an elusive firefall can be spotted at sunset in Yosemite National Park, when the weather c
An Elephant's Trunk


With image data from telescopes large and small, this close-up features the dusty Elephant's Trunk Nebula. It winds
Three Galaxies and


Diffuse starlight and dark nebulae along the southern Milky Way arc over the horizon and sprawl diagonally through this
Blue Comet PanSTARR


Discovered with the PanSTARRS telescope on September 7, 2016, this Comet PanSTARRS, C/2016 R2, is presently about 24 lig


History: Facts or Na

An oft repeated statement(s) pertaining to History states something to the effect of: “If you do not know History,
Why Sodom and Gomorr


About the life of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, from Genesis and other ancient texts
The Inca Empire - th

Other History

Incas were the largest empire in pre-Columbian America, with its boundaries stretching much farther than Peru today.
Is Genesis based on


Here are some differences between the ancient religious writings and Genesis, which hopefully answers the question wheth

Film Trailers

The Ultimate Gift

Rusty Reynolds: a day in the life

Sybil Ludington Film Trailer

Two Hats Film Trailer

The White House

President Trump Meets with the Fam

President Trump Meets with U.S. Te

President Trump Participates in a

President Trump Delivers Remarks i


Why doesn't the Bible speak to me?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
What does it mean to you when you say that Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are one God?
Is God egotistical?
Why was Jesus' resurrection necessary?