For Constitution Day this year, president Trump put together a panel of conservative educators to talk about the condition of education in the US. There hasn't been a panel like this at the White House for decades. This panel openly discussed what conservatives have talked about for years, that the American educational system has been hijacked by the far left, who have been teaching American kids a rewritten history of America to create a different America different from the America built on Judeo-Christian principles. The panel begins with discussion on how current riots on the streets have nothing to do with racial justice, but a result of this new education and in fact coordinated by the far left academia. Honorable Ben Carson presiding. 


Also discussed is a new history book created for schools that would teach students about what the American founding fathers did great rather than just their short comings.


This panel discussion was set up on the Constitution Day at a time when the Constitution of the United States is under attack. 

This panel is a result of one of Trump’s attempts at restoring the American schools to a place where students learn to love America as it was founded, rather be indoctrinated to hate it.

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