I’ve heard testimonies of older Christians, who said they have read the Bible every day for decades, and there was no day it did not speak to them. But I can't say the same thing for myself. There are days when I would read several chapters, and nothing opens up to me. I feel like I know it already and that I haven't learned anything new. Why?

The Bible is a big book. That it can give answers to any question in life is not an overstatement. Billions of people have experienced it's transforming power over their lives. All people have experienced one of its principles or another. The spiritual laws of the Bible work for everybody, just like the law of gravitation effects everybody.

The question is, are we capable of receiving what the Bible says? The way the Bible relays information does not change with the way our consumption of information changes. The truths of the Bible cannot be understood in two seconds of skimming through a phrase, like we are used to receiving information. You need to think on it. The Bible will not reveal its secrets to us faster, just because we have lost the ability to read and listen.

The Holy Spirit will not flood us with a new dose of excitement every time we open the Bible, like short YouTube videos do, which are designed to grab our attention in a couple of seconds. God is in no hurry to reveal us His truths. We need to learn to receive them.

It is impossible to receive the truths of the Bible in a more accessible format. Watching a bunch of short animations based on the Bible will not help us grasp its principles. It would only give us a sense of fulfillment, a false sense that we know everything. But it will not help us internalize those principles. Short tweets with Bible verses are like all the other information we injest all the time. It will only make us into know-it-alls who never apply what they know.

If you want the Bible to speak to you, you need to stop and give it time to speak. All our busyness can wait. In fact, when we stop the busyness to listen to the Bible, the amount of busyness decreases.

Also, when we say the Bible has everything we need for life, that doesn't mean it has everything. For example, the Bible won't teach you how to make money quickly on the stock market. Because the Bible takes a different approach to earning for bread. It has no courses on how to psychologically manipulate people. Because people don't need to be manipulated. The Bible has nothing on the latest inventions. Maybe because these inventions bring us more harm then benefit. If the Bible doesn't have something, that doesn't mean it's lacking in anything, maybe we just don't need that particular something.

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